Money Talks feat. Yoojin Choi of Be Glam

August 10, 2017

Kimchi Socks

SWM was hired to help develop branded content in a collaborative tie-up between Yoojin Choi and Kimchi Socks.

Cinematographer: Shaun Webb

Image Maker Hair Salon website promo
Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan

Goemon Rickshaw demo
Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan

Sakura Hostel Asakusa promo
Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan

Khaosan Samurai Capsule Hostel promo
Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan

Robber Rodeo (2016)
iOS and Android

Friday Night Football 30 second commercial (2014)
KTXS in Abilene, Texas

Staycation (2014)
5th Place – Korea Tourism Organization’s
Imagine Your Korea contest

Ulama Trailer (2016)
Platform: PC

Interview with Korean pop group Nu’est (2013)