From a cafe in the countryside of South Korea


I’ve been in this town for two weeks and i’ve gotten more done here than in my six months in Seoul. Small town coffee shops are the absolute best.

What have I been doing here?


Building relationships (personal and business), building my brand, and building my business.

One such project i’ve spent literally a whole year on is finally finished.

I finally have a book written.

Writing a book has been the most pleasant and painful experience in the last year.

You guys know how much I love to read.

What you don’t know is I love to write as well. I know I haven’t shown love to this site since my previous post but it’s true.

I’ve devoted literally a whole year to writing this book and I can finally share this.

I wrote this book as a reminder to where I came from.

July 2016, someone on Twitter gave me the idea to write a journal for an entire year and turn it into a book afterwards.

I started…and then I stopped.

The next month, I tried again and this time I stuck with it. Almost every day and every week since then, I would write about what I wanted to do, what I did, and the results.

Many times I went through a lot of pain, pleasure, and learned life lessons.

What I went through is all in this book.

Why do I call myself annoying? Because I am human.


Many viewers of my YouTube and live streams think I live a perfect life.

Spoiler alert: I don’t.

What I experienced in 365 days is things many people, regardless of their location, have or are going through. What people see on camera is not a 100% accurate representation of how I live my life off camera.

This book exists to showcase what I experienced to get to where i’m at right now.

Being annoying, in addition to being in motion, helped me seek the answers I needed.

Me being annoying was necessary for my growth.

It was also necessary to strengthen and/or kill relationships with those i’ve experienced.

While I was living with audacity, I had to figure out what I needed and where I needed to be.

What I lived through will probably help you to think more about your life. It may also help you to be grateful for not going through certain ordeals.

How you see what you read is all up to you.

If you feel you or other people see you as annoying, this book may be for you.

If you know someone that’s annoying, this book will also be for you.

My year-long journey of being annoying was the best and worst time in my life. I want you all to read about it and know and understand what it takes for someone to build themselves, their community, and their business!




Notes and details

Writing Style: The writing style is practically identical to what i’ve hand-written in my journal. I wrote with zero platitudes and possibly with awful and incorrect grammar (this is to emphasize how I was feeling on a particular day). It should hurt to read in a sitting since all I did was take action. There’s a lot of information and a missed sentence/line could result in valuable information being lost. That said, it is organized in a smooth fashion and should give you a lot to chew on.

Length: It’s 160 pages on Kindle. It is written in 14 point font (Arial) on a standard 8.5″ x 11″ pages with no filler photos to take up space.

Additional: There are affiliate links in the book. They exist to give those before me the support and acknowledgement they deserve for helping me to grow. This book wouldn’t be possible with them.