From a cafe in Seoul

Over the weekend, I became an internet sensation overnight.

Around this time in 2007, I said I was going to make a video go viral. At that time, I thought I knew how to do such a thing. Make some so crazy that millions of people will watch and i’ll be famous.

10 years later, it actually happened.

I created something that reached millions of people! Thing is, I made the video in 2013!

What is it? See for yourself.

Surprising my dad after my time in South Korea

I was looking through Imgur and saw people’s reactions to family members make it home from service. I noticed it’s usually kids, mothers, and dogs that got excited. I saw not one father in the collection. In fact, the dad is usually left out because in the west, it’s stereotypically¬†believed that men (especially black men) are not emotional.

I destroyed that mindset with this simple gif.

Why did this short gif go viral?

Here are my theories.

The world needed a reason to smile

Since 2017 began, there has been violence around the world (especially in the west). Major news networks have done nothing but spread false information and promote hate and violence amongst communities. No one had a reason to smile.

My gif made people smile and even cry tears of joy.

The interaction between my dad and I brought people home or, as the young kids say, “faith in humanity restored”.

Growing up, my dad was always there for my brother and I. From watching Saturday morning cartoons, to introducing us to video games and anime, and to going out and playing sports, my dad was always there.

The title

“Surprised My Dad After Coming Home From South Korea”.¬†

That got people’s attention. Like I said earlier, mothers, kids, and dogs are almost exclusively shown. Fathers or other adult male figures are rarely, if ever, shown.

Sites like Buzzfeed rely on clickbait to get hits (I can’t say much cause i’ve used clickbait myself). This was to the point.

It was innocent

There’s a lot of content that exists that not everyone is comfortable with. There’s usually a lot of sex, violence, swearing (or cussing for my southern readers). Sometimes, people are in the mood for something clean and good-hearted.

It was real

Never in my life have I seen my dad so emotional. I’ve seen him laugh, i’ve seen him happy, i’ve seen him in pain but i’ve NEVER seen my do something like that. That hug was real.

People wanted to see something that was real, innocent, and could make them smile. The gif accomplished all three at once.

This moment was great but that doesn’t mean i’m going to stop. Who knows what else I can create. All I have to do is just keep at it and broaden where I send my stuff too.

Until next time! Peace and love!