From the goshiwon.

Recently, YouTube star Pewdiepie was dropped from Disney for “being a nazi”.

Labels like “nazi” and “racist” are being thrown around. They’ve lost their meaning today. Westerners will label anything and everything. I’ve been labeled many times. It was not a good feeling.

Each time I was labeled, I tried to do things to make those mean people not hate me. It never worked. They always found something new.

The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck” would have been a perfect read during that time.

Kudos to Felix for standing his ground and not backing down.

The art of not backing down isn’t something that happens overnight. It’s an art that must be mastered with time. Many great people, alive or dead, mastered this technique through a lot of trial and error. They always thrived in the end.

Not caring what the world thinks of you is a superpower, as famously said by boxer Ed Latimore. It’s a concept that feels uncomfortable to regular people.

People will confuse this with ego. This happens because our society has made it a “sin” to think and feel bigger than everyone else. The problem with this is no one tries. Those that do try end up looking like the bad guy.

Here in Korea and IN Japan, if you leave work when the boss doesn’t, you “lower” the morale. If you don’t go to the after work social gathering, you’re an outcast by your co-workers. The ones that do get up and leave regardless are able to see their family. The ones that don’t die from exhaustion or commit suicide.

When I first came to Korea, the foreigners I worked with tried to use this on me. It sadly worked.

The art of standing strong came to me in 2014. Seeing what happened to Pewdiepie helped me understand WHY it’s important to not back away.

The benefits of not backing down are far greater than the consequence of shutting your mouth. I’ll get to the HOW. Now, I want to build up the WHY.

In late 2015, I did a test. I wouldn’t advise doing this if you have a family. In Korea, a country where doing everything together is the norm, didn’t know what to do when I said I wasn’t going to participate in social events.

We were commissioned to some event in Seoul. At that time, I lived an hour and a half from Seoul and I wasn’t in the mood to wake up at 4:30 am on a Saturday.

At first, I was afraid to tell them no. My boss at the time asked why I wouldn’t and I gave an excuse. He said, “If you don’t want to do it, just say ‘I don’t want to do it.’ You don’t have to make up a reason.” I felt great after that.

No one held it against me when I stood my ground. The thing that makes people feel “bad” is the social stigma that later comes. If there was any in the office, I ignored it.

I did it again months later. There was a performance event we did for the elders. I refused to do it. They asked me why I wouldn’t do and I said, “I don’t feel like doing it.” They weren’t happy but I didn’t care.

Did I get punished? Did they reduce my hours? No.

It was business as usual.

In Japan, Bueno, creator of Garage Pro, told me his mother wanted him to go back home and work a regular job. Bueno told his mom he’ll never go home. She asked him how he makes his money. He wouldn’t tell her.

In our cultures (he’s from the Philippines), we would never talk to our mothers the way he did. He had a pair and told his mom how it was. I did the same to my parents and i’m still alive. There’s a joke in the black American community about what would happen to us if we talked to our parents the way white kids did. Now I understand why those same kids are still alive and thriving.

American comedian Jamie Foxx was criticized for making jokes about Bruce Jenner. Society pressured him to apologize. He said “no”. The trade-off? He’s still making movies and selling out crowds.

Donald Trump made remarks that made NBC cut him loose. The world has been against him ever since. The trade-off? He’s now president of the United States.

Even J.K Rowling isn’t backing down….

But neither is the clap back.


How do you never back down?

Don’t apologize.

Don’t go back on your word.

If you have a message, stick to it.

If you legit messed up, don’t apologize. Say, “I messed up.”

If you do or say something that isn’t popular and people want you to apologize, don’t do it. 

Will you lose friends? Probably. Will they matter to your success? No cause they had nothing to do with it.

Why should you never back down?

Respect goes a long way.

If this sounds like a contradiction, let’s break it down. Not caring somehow becomes beneficial when getting what you need or want. Not caring and never backing down magically draws people to you.

Pewdiepie is fighting back. He’s getting the respect of his fans and followers. He doesn’t care about the money or the press. He cares about getting his message out.

This is making him even more popular. He acknowledges this in the video too!

“The more I punch back, the more I get back.”

This man is a winner.

The media is losing. This was a personal attack on Felix. They know how much of a cultural impact him and people like him are making.

Wwhen someone does something wrong, the media will tell their audience to force a personality to apologize. When the media is wrong and they need to apologize, they’re ghosts.

When you keep your head up and stand for what you believe and fight back, the benefits outweigh the social pressure.

“I’m here still. I’m still making videos. Nice try, Wall Street Journal. Try again, mother f**kers.”

What moment did you go through where you decided to not back down?

Peace and love!