From the Goshiwon

Shortly after my 36 people post, I was asked, “How did you meet so many people?”

It’s simple. I either went to where they had an event or I asked to meet them.

Depending on a person’s occupation, it’s pretty easy to meet whoever you want to.

The real test (or challenge) is having them as a contact and KEEPING it. Business and personal relationships are alike but different too.

I learned how NOT to do it from the old heads and used their methods for years. One by one, I lost many people that would have been beneficial today. That’s the beauty of life though; you go through lessons.

Yesterday, I had a meeting with a business owner here in Seoul. We were introduced through another guy I met. While talking, I kept everything about what HE wanted. So far, so good.

Business connections are NOT about you. It’s about the other person. I learned that after failing to negotiate an interview in Japan.

Most of my connections follow me on Twitter because I bought their product and reviewed it. That or I helped them with something they needed.

It wasn’t always like this. I used to be a LEECH.

In my 20s, I wanted a job with a major recording studio. I thought doing Youtube videos and interviewing their actors would help. There was one problem: I WAS AN ANNOYING LEECH!

This isn’t to put myself down, it’s just the facts. Instead of providing a solution to their problems, I would do nothing but be in their presence and waste their time.

Meanwhile, another friend of mine, who had no intention of working for them, provided them with a service. She’s an excellent cook and was always at an event with food ready to go. Her cooking skills got their attention. Her ATTITUDE and other skills got her the job of conventions manager.

Instead of working smarter and harder, I got jealous. I cried and whine and nothing came from it.

Making connecting is like planting seeds:  you have to maintain them regularly. When you plant something, you have to constantly give it water and new soil. If not, they die. Connections are the same way.

Keeping in touch is the water; helping them with whatever is the soil. Do those on a regular basis, and you’ll reap what you sew.

Keep planting seeds and maintain it every day. Who knows what’ll happen. Just make the first step.

Peace and love!

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