It was August 2016. There was a film crew near one of my classrooms. “Oh, they’re filming another drama. No big deal!”


All of a sudden, I heard “KIM JONG KOOK!!!”


I turned around and saw my co-workers run towards the edge of the set. Security was around so they couldn’t get far. I walk over to them to see why he was such a big deal.


Turns out they were filming for a very successful game show called “Running Man”. I knew about the show thanks to my students. I even saw some other schools play the game for real.


My co-workers wanted to see him but they were too afraid to ask. “We can’t just ask someone for their autograph! He’ll say no!”


In my mind, I was thinking this’ll be the one and possibly only time we can see him and the other cast members.


“KIM JONG KOOK!” I shouted! “Can we get a picture with you?”


My co-workers looked at me with shock and told me to be quiet. I looked at them and call him out again. They were so embarrassed, they started to walk away.


Jong Kook walked over to where we were standing and said, “Sure, I’ll take a picture with you.” It was JUST that easy!


Many people seem to not understand the power of asking. If there’s anything you want, especially if it’s something small, it never hurts to ask. Asking, when done right, can get you results.


When you ask for someone, the person can either say “yes”, “no”, or “why?”. If they say “no”, it’s okay. If they ask “why” tell them why. Be honest with your intent. Too many are too afraid to up front with their intent. In American culture, it’s okay to not tell the truth. In Korea, they’re blunt.


After we got our pictures, I had a brief talk with Jong Kook. I got to know him and found out he was part of the very popular K-pop group TURBO. I could have made a connection with him had he not was in a hurry. The fact he took the time to talk to us and take pictures tells me he cares about his fans and is thankful for them.


This sounds hypocritical because I often tell people they don’t need permission. I mean that in the sense of getting what you NEED. If there’s something you WANT, you ask. It’s a game you have to learn how to play.


The one thing I love about the power of asking is how unpredictable it is. You could get what you want right there or you could get it later. Patience is key in playing this game.


If there’s something you WANT from someone, don’t be afraid to walk up to them and ask. Try it today!