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Last Sunday, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady won his fifth world championship.

Many on social media treated his win as a “travesty” because he was a Donald Trump supporter. Through it all, Brady and his team made a glorious come back and won it all.

How did Tom Brady become the “greatest of all time”?

Simple. His mindset.

Tom Brady’s mindset is the KEY factor to his success. Brady never waited on anyone to give him a chance, he MADE them happen.

Here are some Tom Brady quotes that reflects his winning mindset.

#1: I’m not a person who defends myself very often. I kind of let my actions speak for me.

Brady is always on the offensive. No matter where he’s at, he always goes for the kill. When he was dealing with “deflategate”, he was on the offensive. He let his actions inside and outside the field do the talking for him.

After winning his fourth championship, everyone forgot about the “scandal” and treated him like a king again. Actions > Words.

#2: To me, football is so much about mental toughness, it’s digging deep, it’s doing whatever you need to do to help a team win and that comes in a lot of shapes and forms.

In order to live through life, one has to develop a mindset that says nothing can bother you.

People think talent and believing in yourself is all you need. People that say that are fake.

To develop mental toughness, one has to go through the thing(s) that hurt the most.

Being defeated mentally hurts worse than getting hit.

#3: To me, if you’re trying to impress a girl, get a date, they’re gonna like that more because you’re a confident guy. That’s what it comes down to.

There’s a big difference between having an ego and having confidence. Brady’s confidence devloped through doing. 

In college, Brady was having a hard time getting college recruiters to look at him. He knew he was great but no one could see it. Instead of waiting for someone to look at him, HE MADE HIS OWN HIGHLIGHT REEL AND MAILED THEM HIMSELF!

If you know you’re great, you’ll take action to let others know how great you are. People respect action more than words.

After sending his highlight reel, five schools wanted him. He choose Michigan.

#4: I think any man who lets a woman pick what he should wear… I mean, you gotta draw the line somewhere as a man. I see these guys, ‘My wife told me to wear this!’ And I just shake my head.

Brady’s displaying his role as a leader. He doesn’t just lead in the football field, he’s also the head of the house.

Baby boomers have this saying: Happy wife, happy life.

That’s a defeatist mindset.

As a man of the house, one has to lead. In order to lead, you have to have leader qualities. You have to be a leader, not just in your mind but in your actions as well.

#5: I don’t want to wake up and be bored. That’s probably my greatest fear is to have nothing to do.

Brady’s talking about having purpose.

What wakes you up every day? What purpose do you have to wake up?

Do you enjoy what you do? What are ways you can change that?

Brady’s purpose ISN’T to play football. It’s to bring hope to a city. Like Seattle, Boston loves their sports teams like no other city in the United States. When he plays, he brings a smile to people’s faces. That, and the money he makes doing so, is what gets him out of bed.

What is your purpose? Develop yourself so you can be a winner.

Peace and love!