“To become one with your body, start paying attention to how you walk.” – Gorilla Mindset, chapter 3

From the goshiwon:

In August 2015, I finished the book Gorilla Mindset. While reading it, I learned about the importance of posture. I didn’t realize how bad my posture was until I read about it!

The first month of working on my posture took a lot of work. Thinking about doing something that should have been natural made it harder. I did everything to make sure I stopped myself from slouching. People took notice of my change.

“Shaun, you look taller!”
“Did you get buff?”
“You look very different!”

On the inside, my posture changed my mood. I didn’t find myself anxious anymore (overcoming porn addiction took care of that). I was happier and had more energy from standing up straight.

One of the ways I work on my posture is work on my computer standing up. Your default posture develops when sitting for long periods of time.

Another way I worked on posture was yoga. DDP Yoga to be exact. His yoga program stresses on making our spines longer and it has worked greatly!

While I was in Korea and Japan, my straight posture helped me get noticed very quick. My deep voice and strong presence helped me get interviews. People often ask if i’m in the military. Being tall helps but it means NOTHING without good posture.

This is bad posture. Notice it looks like i’m carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders. This posture is common in cubicle workers.

This is perfect posture. My back is straight and I look like I have confidence. Notice my neck is looking straight. If your neck is down often, you’re not getting oxygen in your brain.

My question for you all is what is your posture like? Do you think it needs work? Leave a comment below!

Peace and love!