From the office of Shaun:

In early September, I moved to Japan to start my life over. I finished up a year in Korea and wanted to move forward in my media career. An opportunity to work in cleaning staff at a hostel came and I took full advantage of it!

My goal in Japan was to break into freelance media. I knew a lot of people and had a number of skills so no problem, right?


Working under a tourist visa in Japan is illegal. Even for free lodging.

Of course, I didn’t know this. I previously looked into working in Japan without profit and everything looked legit.

A month into cleaning bathrooms, my manager gathers my co-workers and I into our share house.

“Guys, we can’t let you work here anymore. Another branch in [this city] got raided.”

Three foreigners, the CEO, and hiring manager of that branch got arrested. We believe a rival hostel sent an anonymous tip to the police. Thankfully, the police didn’t know where our share house was so there’s that.

For a month, I lived my life as I always do: with audacity.

I took care of my own business while everyone else was worried about the possibility of being arrested.

There was no reason for me to complain about my situation because there were hundreds of other illegal workers in Japan in worse conditions.

Three blocks from where I worked at, there was a police station. I walked past it EVERYDAY to get to the subway and no one said a word.

By the grace of God, I nothing happened! Living the way I did for those two months was a great time. Not just for living in Japan but having an experience that I couldn’t get anywhere else.

Question: When was the last time you lived your life on the edge? Did it benefit you in anyway? Leave a comment below!

Peace and love!