From the desk of Shaun:

Imagine going to a foreign country with a plan but nothing goes your way. You can either whine and complain about it or you can work with what you have.

I made my way back to Seoul, South Korea last week. Originally I was going to stay at a friend’s house but she got the flu. Instead, I stayed at a friend’s hostel. It was the better decision. I was talking to the owner of the hostel and  showed her my guesthouse videos from Japan. She liked them so much, she introduced me to a group that oversees hostels in the Seoul area. Called them up, told them who I was, and they said they NEEDED videos.

How did this happen?

Genuine human connection.

This didn’t occur to me until I read the book “The Education Of Millionaires” by Michael Ellisburg. The author talks about how people became millionaires by simply having a connection with people. My last time in Korea was spent developing myself and developing connections with others. It didn’t occur to me until last week that I was getting involved in a community.

Right now, i’m staying in what’s called a goshiwon. It’s basically a room with a desk. The one i’m staying at is very small but it has enough room for me to take care of my business.

Yes, my shoes are on the desk.

If I hadn’t made a connection with the right people, I would have never known about such a place. No one would have told me to go to craigslist to look for places like this. Since I now know about it, I can share it with you all.

Anyone and everyone has something about them that people need. Be that person to help someone.

Take care and peace and love!