2016 was a crazy year for a lot of people. For me, it was a year of growth, pain, learned lessons, and moving forward.

I called the title “Annoying Fox” for two reasons. One, I like foxes. Two, I understood how annoying I was prior to my growth. Normally, I would shy away from calling myself that but instead, i’ve decided to EMBRACE it.

I don’t want to waste any time so let’s get into what has happened this year. I will talk about the good, the bad, the improvements made, and what I can do better!

I like to start off with negatives just to get it out of the way.

The bad

Sometime in April, I got pneumonia. I had to work for two days with this before I officially got diagnosed. My boss at the time took me to downtown Seoul to get better medication. The doctor I talked to said that I would have been dead had I not got checked out sooner. By the grace of God, I recovered within a week and a half and felt even stronger than before.

I haven’t been that sick since the time I had bronchitis and I recovered from that much sooner. I am so thankful I had health insurance when I did and i’m very thankful I had people that were concerned for my well being make sure I didn’t die. A friend of mine visited me from Busan to make sure I didn’t die and I wouldn’t be here without her help.

Honestly, me getting pneumonia was the ONLY majorly bad thing to happen to me in 2016. Let’s get into what went RIGHT in 2016!

The awesometastic

Being debt-free

January was the month I paid off my student loans and car note. I got both in December 2010 and were successfully paid off. The car was paid off due to a plan I set up in October 2015. I calculated how much I was to make a month and decided to put in $1000 a month instead of the minimum. I had a slight margin of error but it worked in my favor!

The way my student loans were going to be paid off was due to chance. I expected to pay off my loans in May of this year. Instead, someone decided to total my car. My dad was driving it and some idiot hit him. Note, my dad was okay, again by the grace of God. He was shaken up and waited a week to tell me. I was mad at him, not because my car got destroyed but because he didn’t tell me. I told my dad “I can replace my car, I can’t replace you!”. Everything was cool after I emptied my mind. I got quite a bit of money from the accident (the car was well under 100k miles) and I used that to take care of my student loans.

From that moment, I was able to save up. I bought big something for myself at least once every three months. Thank God for being a spend-thrift in my 20s and getting my stupid spending out of my system.

Staying disciplined

I discovered a book called 30 Days Of Discipline and decided to stick to doing it. I didn’t read the book but I somehow developed a need to improve myself. Earlier this year, I forced myself to read books two hours before bed and wake up at 5 am to exercise. 100 push ups a day for 30 days had me feeling the best i’ve felt in a very long time.

Reading all the books I read helped me gain the most knowledge i’ve had in my life. Reading them is one thing but acting upon what I read is what mattered. My love for books came back in a major way and I couldn’t be happier!

Me staying disciplined is what helped me get rid of my bad habits; I was able to replace them with better habits. While I still have my moments, I don’t feel bad about being human. My mind is a lot stronger and I feel much better about it.

Books I read this year (and what I learned from them):

Never Eat Alone (making connections properly)
Rework (new ways to do old things)
Call Me Ted (how being in motion and taking risks works)
Poke The Box (doing something new)
Presence (how to have a strong presence)
So Good They Can’t Ignore You (follow your skills > following your passion)
Talent Is Overrated (why deliberate practice works)
The Joy Of Hate (how to get attention)
The School Of Greatness (how to create capital)
Choose Yourself (how to focus more on you to help others)
32 Shards Of Thought (tidbits of wisdom)
The Gold Medal Mindset
This Book Will Teach You How To Write Better (how to write better books, articles)
Who Owns The Ice House? (successful entrepreneurship)
Gorilla Mindset (how to fix one’s mindset)
How To Start A Big Money T-Shirt Business
American Nightmare (story of overcoming hardships and starting over)
Black Lies Matters (how media and government officials influences and corrupts the minds of the mainstream [personal for me because I worked in mainstream news and saw their lies])
It’s Over 9000 (mindset behind cultural differences)
The Will To Keep Winning (mindset on thinking rational while winning)
Hi! My Name Is Loco And I’m A Racist (self-reflection)
Influence (how to get people to do what you want)
The Education Of Millionaires (how people became millionaires without traditional learning)
New World Ronin (how to cultivate a winning mindset)
MAGA Mindset (how Donald Trump won this year’s election)
Sun Tzu: Strategies For Selling (how to be a damn good salesperson)

Meeting new people and learning from them

My goodness, the number of people I met this year was crazy! I made a lot of new friends and every person I interacted with taught me a thing or two. Whether it’s learning how to be a better human being, running a business, or maintaining overall common sense, these people taught me how important it us for us as people to stick together.

Here’s what else I learned from these people:

How to listen and have a conversation
How to get and keep people’s attention
How to get noticed
How to not be about me
Why it’s important to learn negotiations and cultural differences
How I overthink and why I never accomplish anything
How to develop a winning strategy
How to get involved in community
Why it’s important to lay low in a work environment
Why it’s important to associate with people outside of what I do
How to LISTEN and UNDERSTAND people
How to negotiate

This is what I remember off of the top of my head but these lessons were things I had to understand if I wanted to level up in life.

Being consistent gave me the answers I needed

This actually came to me today. Rather, the understanding of it. That old saying “practice makes perfect” is true but it’s vague. I think the saying should be “practice until it’s understood”. It’s one thing to do something over and over again. I believe the work should be done until it’s understood how and/or why it does what it does.

Victor Pride of Bold & Determined has a podcast called the “Full Color Godcast”. He says he does them every day because the answers comes to him when he speaks. His consistency in his podcasts gives him “ah-ha” moments. I believe he said he got this from Joe Rogan; Joe does stand up, UFC, and the podcast I was able to understand this today when I had an ah-ha moment of my own.

Since August, i’ve been writing virtually every day in my journal. Originally, I would write just to log my growth, empty my mind, and sleep better. Today, I added a new reason to write: to have the answers come to me. While writing today, the thought to stay at my parents house for two more weeks with good reason came to me. Originally, I was going to waste time learning more in another city and not have the means of good transportation. Instead, I decided to stay home until I leave Texas and use my time after the holiday to attend seminars. I figured I read enough books and had enough experiences to actually put them to use in the real world. I look forward to experimenting.

Pour Conclure

This was the year to learn new lessons, remove bad habits, and embrace my skills. This year was meant for me to prosper mentally, spiritually, and physically. 2017 (or as Victor calls it Two-Thousand And Victory) will be the year for financial growth. I’m saying it right now. I will make around $250k by the end of the 2017. I don’t know how but I will make that much money through my videos, whatever I produce, and whatever I put out there.

I now know and understand how and why it takes me putting work out there. I have to put in work no matter if it’s perfect or not. Just as long as I do something and do it on a regular basis and improve on it, I should be fine.

My question for you all is what happened do you this year? What did you learn? What did you improve on? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time and happy new year!