Last night was WWE’s Money in the Bank PPV. MITB is where six wrestlers try to climb a ladder and grab a briefcase. Inside of it is an opportunity to challenge for the WWE World Heavyweight championship at any time.

Last night, Dean Ambrose won Money In The Bank. In a major twist, he cashed it in the SAME night he won it and beat Seth Rollins for the title.

Imagine being in Money In the Bank In real life.

You bust your behind to get to the top of your job, your personal life, your career. You put yourself through pain and heartache to get a chance at leveling up.

Something like this won’t come for a long time so you give it your AAA game.

Anything you want NEVER comes easy, we all know this. This is only the tip of the iceberg.

To climb to the top, you have to go against a number of opponents looking to get the same thing.

People that were your friends are now your rivals.

Those that were already your rival is looking to put you through hell. More so than usual.

*ding ding ding*

That’s the bell. What are you going to do? Go for the ladder? Not so fast, junior. Your rival stops you. Good thing you have a stronger willpower than them.

You punch and punch and punch them until they counter and throw you against the ropes. Your vigor is still high so you counter it with a big boot and continue to punch them into the ground.

You’re ignoring everyone else trying to do their own thing. Your focus is 100% on getting that briefcase. Who cares what the others are doing.

Remember, what’s inside of that case is a chance to do something bigger.

The rival catches you off guard and chops you. They throws you against the ropes again. Instead of hitting your opponent, you go after another rival. Uh oh, you lost your focus.

Your main opposition goes for the ladder. What do you do? The person you decided to focus on is keeping you from going after what you need to. Well, life doesn’t play fair. Sometimes, you’ll have distractions after distractions to keep you from grabbing that briefcase.

Time goes by and you’re worn out. Everyone is laid out in the ring or on the outside. Just when you’re about to give up, a second wind comes. You grab a ladder, bring it inside of the ring, set it up and climb to the top.

You’re pacing yourself, step by step. Your heart is racing. Your feet are shaking. You’re so close to that briefcase, you can taste it.

What this? You feel someone pulling on your leg!

It’s your rival! He got his second wind and is bringing you down with him.

You’re too good for what’s below so you kick him off and continue to fly high like an eagle. The other chickens below can’t make it.

You’re at the top now and you grab the briefcase. You take it off the hinges and DING DING DING! You got it!

You now have an opportunity to get something bigger and better than before! Congratulations! This is just the start of something fantastic.

Let me say that again, THIS IS JUST THE START!

Remember, opportunities don’t come often. When they do, you gotta learn how to work with what you got once it comes.

Shortly after Dean got his briefcase, he cashed in on it AFTER the Seth Rollins/Roman Reigns title fight. His fight for the opportunity would have been for nothing had he not struck when the timing was right.

Now that Dean is the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, he’ll have to go through more opposition to stay on top.

Just like in real life, once you’re on top, you gotta constantly improve to stay there. If Dean loses the title, he can always try again. Not everyone gets to do so in real life. You’ll have ups and downs but as long as you STAY FOCUSED, you’ll be fine.

When I came back to Korea, I had an opportunity to do Youtube again. I’ve had more downs than ups but I never lost my focus. Each time I tried something new, I learned something.

I learned when creating a business, you can’t depend on EVERYONE to get you to your destination. They can help but they can’t get you there.

When working on YouTube or any other business, you can’t be a leech. Leeching off of other’s success will lead you to either being black listed or not growing at all.

Life will keep you in a certain place to help you grow. It may not be where you want to be but at least it isn’t where you were previously.

I graduated university and bought my first car in 2010. The car note and student loans were taken care of this year thanks to taking advantage of an opportunity. I can only go up from here. No longer will I stay in the chicken coop and neither should you.

The road to success is hurts and can be tedious. I’d rather be here in Korea building my craft then back at home getting fatter, jacking off, being just over broke, being around losers, and wanting to die.

When was the last time you had an opportunity and went for it? Leave a comment down below!

Until next time, family.