Lemme tell you something you won’t hear from established college graduates: Unless you’re going to school for a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Medical) degree or want a way to teach English overseas, COLLEGE IS A WASTE OF TIME, MONEY, AND RESOURCES.

I used to be a public high school teacher and the things you learned, unless it relates to STEM, will be USELESS in the real world. Your parents and the school system told you that college is the key to success. It isn’t. It’s a system designed to help you fail.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s great to have a piece of paper that says your “qualified” to have more options but these days, it’s the equivalent to a high school diploma.

Outside of teaching overseas, the only thing my degree was useful in was getting me an office job in west Texas. That paid $10 an hour. To sit in cubicle slavery. I’m serious. I wasn’t allowed to get up to even STRETCH. I had to sit there and waste my body and time away.

I stole money from that place by using my “down” time to read Manhood.

With internet use on the rise, I see how unimportant it is to have a degree just for the sake of having one. Even worse, the programs at public schools are not concerned about kids going to school to live a better life; they’re more concerned about getting numbers.

I used to work a high school program called AVID. On paper, it’s designed to get kids prepared for college. In reality, it was a babysitting program. Our job was to get the kids engaged in working in groups and team projects. It was a waste of time. I felt sorry for my students.

At the time, I treated it as just another job. I needed a means to pay for my classes and student loans and I showed no concern for their future (my first year, at least).

As time went on, my relationship with my kids grew. I had no idea these kids were THIS smart! It was implanted in my mind that kids were “idiots” for years. You can learn a lot from them and I certainly did during my time with them. I felt a lot of what they had us do with them was a set up for failure.

When I became fed up with the system, I took it upon myself to show my kids what really goes on in college. I taught them how to buy text books cheaper and/or torrenting books. I would slip in proper resources on how to study better. I even went far as to tell them what they were learning at that time wasn’t going to matter in five to six years.

It came to an end when a teacher overheard me telling the kids to not take a loan out. I challenged the teacher in regards to my role as an AVID tutor and she shut me down in front of our students. At that moment, I quit that program and became a substitute teacher. The pay was better and I had to put up with less bullshit (so I thought).

Do I regret having my degree? Not in the slightest!

It gave me an opportunity to come to Korea. It gave me a chance to make a lot of mistakes and learn from them.

Granted, I could have learned what I learned now WITHOUT a degree in the states but shoot, being able to work in another country to teach English WHILE honing my craft isn’t a bad trade-off (except for having to be broke for five years and not build anything properly).

The important things I learned post-high school wasn’t in a fancy building where I had to pay hundreds of dollars to stay in. Everything I learned was through taking ACTION.

If you feel the need to go to college to keep your parents happy, you will be miserable.

If you’re 18, you legally can do what you want to do. If you want to go to college, awesome. If you don’t, awesome. Being useful in society is all that matter.

If you do decide to go to college, for the love of God, PLEASE do NOT get a degree in “gender studies” or any other bullshit. You’re going to end up paying $40k for something that will get you literally nowhere. The only thing it can do for you is put you in debt, cause you to be miserable, and no one will like you (unless you put forth an effort to change your mind).

Take care of yourself this summer and prepare for the next chapter in your life!

Peace and love!