Boy, if you think what you’re doing to get with that lady is working, you’re sadly mistaken. The same goes for you business owners looking for partnerships or sponsors.

If you’re doing all that you can and she doesn’t acknowledge you, you’re probably a fuccboi. If you keep pressing to do a business collaboration with the same person and you haven’t gotten the hint, it’s probably because you’re a fuccboi.

Being a fuccboi is a horrible trait for a man to have. The term itself has a number of different meanings. For the sake of this article, we’ll say a fuccboi is a man that displays weakness in the worst way. In real life, when it comes to women, he lacks the strength to talk to her in person. He’ll just sit in the back and admire her while he watches porn to “ease the pain”. In business, he comes across as desperate to make a deal. Buyers can smell fear a mile away.

Fuccboi’s on the internet are far worse. They’ll see a picture of a pretty lady and make comments about what he’ll do to get with her. They wouldn’t do this in real life because they might get slapped or something else (though there are exception cause some women do like the attention [if they can make money off of it]). Showing this kind of love in public is called being thirsty. Internet fuccbois are commonly found on social media and message boards. Look at the Instagram of a model and read the comments to see what I mean.

Regardless of where he is from, there are a number of different traits fuccbois carry with them. The culture varies from the United States, South Korea and Japan.

In Korea, the men here would rather have a beautiful girl take a selfie on their phone instead of taking a picture with her.

They ask for a selfie on their phone!

(video courtesy of Core-A Gaming)

I don’t know if it’s a cultural thing or not but I wouldn’t pass up a chance to talk to a beautiful woman. A fuccboi lacks confidence around women and women pick up on it QUICK.

Reading this, you might think i’m calling people out. I’m calling myself out. I don’t believe in talking about certain issues unless I acknowledge my mistakes first. For you all about to graduate high school, keep reading.

When i was 18, I wanted to work in sports production. After I graduated high school, my mom set up a meeting with a sports editor of the local newspaper. Things went sour fast. I can’t remember the details of our talks but I turned him off when I came across as super thirsty. I wanted to start my career without going through the in-betweens.

I had to learn.

Throughout my 20s, I was thirsty for a girlfriend. It was constantly drilled in me that I “needed a girlfriend“. The woman in the featured picture cucked me into buying her a ticket in our first and only date (this was in late 2010). The next week, she tells me “I got a boyfriend“. But hey, she remembered my name, right?! I don’t blame her. I would have done the same.

For work, my thirst was off the charts. The self-sabotage kept me at the bottom of the pecking order.

Go to college and get that degree so you can work that great job! Follow these steps and you’ll be successful“.

Like a good boy, I listened to the old schoolers. Their advice worked in the 80s and 90s. Not today.

This is very similar to the social issues here in Korea. As an American, I can dismiss the bullcrap the elderly tells me. Young Koreans can’t. Even if they’re adults, they have to respect their elders no matter what. I’m not sure if it’s fear of looking bad which could create problems in the future or if it’s the culture. The bottom line is no matter how the young feel about the old and their mindset, they can’t say anything. Instead of fighting back, they take it or leave the country. The ones that say “screw off” to the elders create their own opportunities.

Cognitive dissonance, how does it work?

Back to me, 2013 was a great year to learn this lesson. I interviewed celebrities in Korea and Japan. Unfortunately, my thirst exposed my intentions and I lost my contacts. What did my thirst expose? It exposed I wanted them for my own gain; I had nothing to offer. 2014 I expected to work in a good position. Guess how that turned out? Who I associated with meant nothing because of my attitude. More on that here.

When 2015 began, I made a conscious effort to uncuck myself.

It started with me learning how business worked. I learned the bare basics from an old schooler. I later took advice from those around my age that were very successful. I still made mistakes but they were different. These mistakes helped me grow. It wasn’t until I came back to Korea where I realized another problem: Anxiety.

My parents told me making a business deal with folks is like going out on a date.

You don’t try to sleep with the girl after the first date. You don’t reveal your hand right away. Be their friend. Give them a reason as to why they should invest their time in you.

It was a VERY slow process. The best thing about it, I learned. Each time I lost something, I gained something better: knowledge. It wasn’t business as usual this time; I was in school.

My anxiety was going away. My drive to improve helped me get over my negativity towards certain people. I saw everyone in a different light.

Speaking of negativity, I also stopped associating with social justice warriors. Their negativity and blind rage towards ANYTHING turned me into them BRIEFLY. Thank GOD I caught myself at one point.

My biggest challenge was getting over my porn addiction. Once I finally decided to stop, my attitude towards people and situations made a complete 180! My attitude towards women changed for the better.

I was so much of a fuccboi around women, I used to try to get with ladies that had boyfriends. This was one of my WORST traits from 14 until 28. My dad pointed out I did that cause I didn’t have to worry about rejection. For some reason, I was oblivious to it. Funny enough, I was like that because I was put on an imaginary deadline on getting with a woman. “You need a girlfriend.”

In August 2015, I went to New York City. My time there triggered a moment where I wanted to go back to Korea sooner rather than later. It made me want to stick to my convictions; not do things for people “just to be nice“. I was legit sick of being TOO NICE. I was sick of being a push over. I was sick of sacrificing my peace just so someone else that didn’t appreciate what I did for them could keep and maintain theirs.

When I came back to Korea, my mind was renewed. Most people I met in the past still thought I was a fuccboi and wanted nothing to do with me. I didn’t blame them. I didn’t try to convince them I changed so I said goodbye.

The few that stuck around saw the new me and were curious. These days, I keep my circle small. Less trouble that way.

My dad calls this getting older. I disagree. I call it wanting to change. I know guys my age that are the biggest fuccbois i’ve ever seen. They refuse to change because of cognitive dissonance; they think doing the same thing over again will work the next time. A good chunk of these guys are male feminists.

Ladies, male feminists do not care about your issues. They have one thing in mind: sex. The guys that white knight you on the internet or in real life want to smash. They’re willing to allow themselves to be cucked in hopes of getting in bed with you or your friends. I was this way without even realizing it.

Being a fuccboi is a sign of weakness. On the outside, people might seem like they want a person that’s weak but on the inside, they despise them. They’re kept around for entertainment. Once they get tired, they’ll discard you without warning.

I overcame through a lot of trial and error. I also put a stop to allowing others to shame me for being me. People attempt to shame me but I block it out. I ask for what I want. The worst someone can say is no.

This is me when someone tries to put me in “check”:

Ryoko Ayeka


I’m very thankful for those that stuck with me, despite my thirst. Coming to Korea the first time helped me (slightly). West Texas and afterwards furthered my training.

Every day i’m still learning and any help that I can get through experience, research, and trial & error, i’ll take it.

If you’re in high school and you’re about to graduate, remember to never seem desperate for a girl, guy, or business deal. You’ll be glad you did.

Read some books and pick the minds of those before us.

Peace and love