I’m going to tell you something the baby boomers and generation X won’t tell you: it’s okay to lose.

These days people equate losing to being a loser. Ironically, we live in an age were being a loser is seen as strong and people that are actually strong are seen as losers.

It’s okay to take the loss sometimes.

Former pro wrestler MVP once told me you never lose, “you learn“.

What’s that old saying? You lost the battle but not the war.

Sometime in 2012, I talked to MMA fighter and pro wrestler Bob Sapp. He told me his strategy these days is ‘lose to gain’. Some point in his career, he realized he was losing his staying power so what he does now is lose fights. Given how long he has been in the business, he has enough star power to lose/build new stars while he gets his paycheck.

“My name is big enough to put butts in seats. Win or lose, people pay to see me”

In Korea, losing isn’t an option. There’s fighting to win and fighting to not lose. Korea is in the latter.

For decades, they slowly became a strong force in consumer goods. Samsung, Hyundai, etc. All great products.

These days, EVERYONE is in competition to get those high paying jobs. Korean society has made it a point where if you don’t get a high paying job at a conglomerate, you’re a loser. Get into a good foreign school and get expelled, you suck. Doing public service work is looked down upon also. Victims of this mentality have either left the country, created their own business, end up homeless or commit suicide.

When I came back from Korea the first time, I was somewhat better mentally but I was still a loser.

I was a loser by hanging around OTHER losers.

That old saying “Show me your friends and i’ll show you your future” is no lie.

All of 2014, I hung out with no one but losers (except for a chosen few). People that do nothing but stay busy just for the sake of staying busy; people that do nothing but play videos games; people that smoke weed and/or get drunk; people that just sat around and did nothing.

I was working on my craft and I thought I was the best in the world. Turns out that wasn’t true. I was shot down pretty hard at my TV station. They said “You’re just not that good enough to work with us”.

I did cry after that. And it’s okay to do so. After I got over it, I decided to do things differently.

I read the books Manhood and Gorilla Mindset. These are some of the best books on making your losses into gains. Manhood gave me the mindset to be open to new ideas. Gorilla Mindset showed me that owning up to who I am is better than denying yourself (cause people WILL find out).

I want to stress this again. LOSING IS OKAY!!! IT’S NOT THE END OF THE WORLD!!

Many people that are doing great things lost a LOT of times. Great comedians had bad sets starting off. Big name athletes had slow starts. I spent NINE years trying to figure out how the hell to promote my media making skills.

If you play to win and you don’t get it, you learn something. If you play to not lose and get frustrated, you learn nothing.

Keep this in mind when you go through the next week. Play to WIN!