Wasting time is an awful trend in South Korea and the United States.

Corporate workers have to work 12 hour shifts minimum. If they’re finished with their work, they can’t just leave and go to their families. Most times, they have to stay until their manager is finished with THEIR work. After that, they HAVE to go to a company outing. Eating dinner and getting drunk after work is the cultural norm for the Japanese and Korean corporate worker. If a worker doesn’t join in, they’ll either be considered an “outcast” or fired.

By the time the business man goes home, he’s not able to say good night to his children. He’s doesn’t have the energy to spend time with his wife. He doesn’t have the will to take care of his body.

His weekday is wasted completely.

Kids often have their time wasted throughout the day.


The current generation is sick of this life style. Most around my age have either left Korea or started their own business. The young kids often complain and cry they have to go back to that lifestyle after leaving my job.

Foreigners are not immune to this.

Depending on the type of school, some foreigners will work from 2p till 10p. Yes, elementary kids are up THAT late studying English.

I was the teacher that worked that late. After five months, I said eff this and left.

Fast forward to today and the trend of wasting time is still alive and well.

Back then, I didn’t value my time. I always sat around at home and watched stuff on YouTube. When I left my apartment, I always wandered around Seoul instead of building myself.

Since my return to Korea, i’ve made sure to NEVER waste my time. I have a LOT of free time so I use it to read, improve my writing, improve my editing, and exercise.

Last week, I wasted time being mad at something that was out of my control. This week, a similar thing happened but instead of losing my mind, I decided to write this article.

YouTuber Swoozie has a story on how a woman wasted his time. He talks about how you can waste his energy and money cause he can get that back but time is something he couldn’t get back.

It’s amazing that pettiness he dealt with is something that happens in the business world too.

I’ve had my time wasted (and i’ve accidentally wasted others time) with regards to making a business deal. In Korea, it’s even worse.

As infuriating as it sounds, i’m actually GLAD I had my time wasted here.

Back then, it didn’t bother me too much because I didn’t value time. These days I do.

Time really does equal money. For each hour I don’t edit video for a client, i’m losing money!

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to spend less than 30 minutes with a future client for projects. We did it over Skype and we got into the nitty gritty of what we both want.

Months ago, Megan Bowen and I filmed a make up video. The set up took probably 10 minutes and filming took 20. After that, we had dinner and went back to our grind. Time well spent.

What are some moments where your time was well spent and wasted? What did you learn from your wasted time?