I honestly believe this generation has made asking one of the hardest things to do.

Yeah, I sound like an old man but hear me out for a moment.

We miss out on getting what we want because we’re too afraid to ask. My generation has this thing with putting labels on others. I don’t understand how that can influence someone to not do whatever it is they wanted. Giving imaginary power to those that don’t matter is a weird concept, that it is.

This concept has some weird irony in Korea.

Koreans are not afraid to ask foreigners questions but some are too afraid to ask for things within their own people. Some will fight for it while others will sit and take a beating. It’s probably a cultural thing but who knows.

Korean kids have NO fear when asking questions and saying what’s on their mind. If I want to learn new words, i’ll ask them instead of asking adults. People think they can’t learn from kids but I disagree.

Last week at work, I met Hwang Eun Sun.


She was a contestant on the very popular reality show Produce 101. She didn’t make the final cut but became popular enough to go the solo route.

How did I get this picture with her?

I simply asked.

She could have said yes, she could have said no. All I did was take action. I’m glad I did because I got to know her a little better and came to a conclusion that she’s a sweetheart. Most people in her position have a big head but she came across as humble and very respectful. I pray she has a very successful career!

The art of asking is simple yet complex.

It sounds like an oxymoron but this is a skill that has to be done with style. I’m a direct person so I have to play the game differently than others.

When I was 18, I would ask people I JUST met to do something major for me. Of course, I was given “the look” then I got promptly ignored. Some would stick it out because I had something they needed. Once they got it, they left!

Asking is a two way street. My parents raised me on this and it’s pretty crafty.

When I asked for something they didn’t want to give me or do, they would ask me to do something first. Me personally, I rarely use this method with folks unless there was something I needed from them. Most times I would give a straight yes or no. Remember, there’s power in NO.

 Asking shouldn’t be an option when your career is involved

I’ve never asked to do what i’m doing right now. I just did it.

Most Koreans have their future set up for them by the previous generation. They can’t ask let alone do what they REALLY want to do. There are excellent exception.

Chef David Choe’s parents wanted him to be a lawyer. He dropped out of school and created the food truck revolution we have today.

Tiffany of Girls Generation left San Francisco at 15 years old to be a singer in Korea. Her dad didn’t want her to and she did it anyway.

I’m 30 years old. My time and patience is very valuable to me. When I want something, I ask. If I need it, I just do it. No beating around the bush.

When was the last time you asked someone for something?

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