First off, I got my computer back up and running. Found an SSD (solid state drive) in Seoul and got it installed. Good friend of mine suggested that I get that instead of another HDD (hard disk drive); those have a 3-4 year life span.

As we all know, Prince passed away this week.

It’s cliched to talk about how much of a musical genius he was cause we already know.

Instead, I want to talk about why he and so many well known people got to where they are/were.

The first step to his fame was getting started.

Mike Cernovich talked about this in his newest podcast. When you want to do something, you just do it. While doing it, look at how your influences do it and try it out yourself.

Prince wrote his first song at seven years old. Tiger Woods swung his first club when he was able to walk (before, his often watched his dad swing a club). I started editing when the idea was brought to my attention.

The foundation of getting somewhere is to just start. Everything else will fall into place.

What things fall in place?

It varies on trial and error.

Figure out what works and what doesn’t. It all depends on what works for YOU.

I mentioned my journey in media production. For nine years, I did things the “proper” way. I listened to the “experts”. I let my peers stroke my ego. I’ve had more stinkers than winners. What changed this time?

Tuning out the voices. Learning from those better than me. No more thinking I was the best. This week was the quietest it has been in years. During meditation, I reviewed my notes and created new concepts.

I’m no expert. This is just the basics.

The final product is never the final product.

Even if you’re refined, you’ll always be a work in progress. Chris Rock said “always be auditioning”.

The Prince that left us wasn’t the Prince that started.

There is no way Prince would have staying power today if he didn’t disband The Revolution.

After the Korean War, South Korea refined itself. The country has since thrived (though not without its controversies).

Professional boxer Ed Latimore is currently 11-0. In addition to building his body, he constantly builds his mind. He recently increased his presence by sharing nuggets of wisdom on twitter.

Staying relevant requires certain traits

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 9.55.04 AM

Growing up, I was told I was “interesting“. That’s code for weird. For some reason, I was always approached and asked to events. Here in Korea, i’m seen as fascinating and put on television for my “troubles”.

Being interesting/weird/fascinating/unique helps maintain relevancy.

There are many black female YouTubers in Korea. Out of them, Megan Bowen, Whitney, and Charly Cheer are the top three. These three stick out in media due to getting started first off and being unique (Megan and Whitney speak Korean; Charly is a great story teller and meets equally interesting people).

The other, and really important trait, is being GOOD at what you do. Look at each of their first videos and look at their newest video and see how much they’ve improved. Hell, here’s my FIRST interview and here’s my latest. Getting good doesn’t come overnight.

Being COOL is another important trait.

Pro wrestler and WWE Hall of Famer Scott Hall said: “Being cool does not go out of style. Being smart doesn’t have an expiration date

Cool has to be done tactfully. Acting cool isn’t the same as being cool. It’s better to have others say “you’re cool” then to say “yeah, i’m a cool person”. Personally, I don’t think i’m cool. I’m willing to bet Prince never saw himself as cool. He just did it that’s it.

The last trait is being REAL. People respect real and Prince always told it like it is (or was, can’t think of the right grammar). He didn’t care if it was popular or not, he said what was on his mind. Prince knew his words had power and was one of the few that used it for good.

The main thing is to get started. Then let everything fall into place by trial and error. If you have any traits that can keep you in the game, use them.


When was the last time you did something for the first time? Think about it and leave a comment down below!

Take care today! Peace and love!