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Hollywood showed new screen shots of Scarlett Johansson in the Ghost In The Shell live action. She’s set to play the lead character Major Motoko Kusanagi. Not too many people were happy about that.

Hollywood doesn’t care.

They didn’t care how mad people were when there were no black nominations at this year’s Oscars. Why should they care about this?

This anger can be used properly. 

If one understood the history of Hollywood and how it was created then one would understand that it was never meant for people outside of that circle.

Actors that fill particular roles are called upon. No one holds a gun up to their head to take it. People are under the assumption if you do what you can to get your foot in the door then you will get more and more. This is true to an extent but it depends if the reward is greater than the risk.

Arnold Schwarzenegger wanted to be a bodybuilder. At 17, he snuck out of his army base to enter a competition. He risked getting arrested (which he did) to go out and achieve something worth his while. After his superiors found out what he did, they later helped him by “punishing” him to work in the kitchen. While he worked in the kitchen, he was able to eat better food for growth. The rest is history.

Schwarzenegger could have been mad at his dad for sending him to the military. Instead he used his energy to build himself.

It’s surprising that Dave Chappelle, a prolific and well-liked comedian, is still slept on. I’m not talking about his show or his legacy. I’m talking about his words and wisdom. He exposed Hollywood for what it is many times.. Watch his interviews on Inside The Actor’s Studio and Oprah to see his experience. His mentor Paul Mooney also has insights on Hollywood.

Sites like Buzzfeed write articles on how non-whites are only able to get stereotypical roles in films. Like I said, no one is forcing them to take these roles.

People getting mad at hollywood not putting Asians in Asian roles is like people getting mad at the NAACP for not accepting non-blacks into the group.

Hollywood, much like many other major corporations around the world, make money off of other nationalities/cultures. South Korea makes money off the black American community through its music and hair products. Hollywood makes money by casting the “wrong” people in the certain roles. At the end of the day, they’re making money.

Be a builder.

The frustration is understood. I know how frustrating it is to not be accepted in a facility where you’re not wanted. I spent six years trying to work as an editor in a major place before I said “screw this”. If one wants to make a change, they have to take action to make it happen. My family was involved in the civil right’s movement. We know about action. The only difference is today, we have better resources.

The thing I love about Korea and it’s history is they are builders. To this day, people build. Instead of Google, Korea built their own search engines (Naver and Daum). Instead of using iTunes, they created Melon. Conglomerates and innovation built this nation from the ground up. They had to after the Korean war.

Jimi Bueno of Garage Pro TV moved to Japan to create his own tokusatsu films. He claims the fanbase was killing the genre; they were all talk and no action. He actually DID something and is creating better content EVERYDAY.

I was sick of certain popular yet talentless YouTubers in Korea being the center piece of what’s hot so I created Pop Over Asia as an alternative.

Who knows how Ghost In The Shell will do. It might be successful, it might fail. I’m not saying “sit down, shut up, and take it”, no. I’m saying make something happen. The movie will be made regardless. If you don’t support it, don’t watch it. Make your own version of the film with Asian actors.

Don’t ask for permission, JUST DO IT.

Until next time! Peace and love!