From the desk of Shaun


Hey family!

A thought came to me last night.

Here in Korea, and really anywhere else around the world, opportunities for the extremely wealthy are given to them. If you’re in the family of a wealthy conglomerate, you’ll have something line up for you when you get older (assuming you don’t screw anything up).

For anyone that doesn’t have that blessing, they have virtually no way to move up in the corporate world. To even be CONSIDERED for a corporate job, the parents background has to be well known.

Nepotism is a very real thing here in Korea. It isn’t immune to controversy.

My military students drew a diagram of what it’s like to get a job in the western world vs. getting a job in South Korea. In the west, the recruiter asked about their previous job experience; in the east, the recruiter asked about their family. Thank God I was born in the USA.

What does this have to do with opportunity?

In Korea as a Korean, you have a number of options.

You can accept that you won’t move up in the corporate world.

You can accept that you won’t get out of your family’s business, regardless if you have other aspirations.


Those with a different mindset know and understand they can MAKE or TAKE their opportunity with what they have.

Take Waveya for example. Sisters Ari and Miu made their opportunities with their dance skills. They have over 1.7 million subs on YouTube after five years and they’ve been invited to various countries since.

Pro gamers Infiltration and Poongko got good enough in Street Fighter and other games to branch out into something amazing!

Most Koreans are moving to CHINA for better opportunities!

Anyone and everyone successful didn’t ask to be successful. They went out there and MADE something happen.

If you have to be like Jeb Bush and ask people to “please clap“, you won’t be respected and your opportunity will be GONE.

My opportunity at KTXS didn’t come but I decided to do something about it. Pop Over Asia was made to be an asset to people wanting to visit/live in Korea/Japan.

Ask yourself this question: What opportunities can you make or take today?


MANY thanks to the Facebook Group Brothas And Sistas of South Korea for helping me during my return to Korea. Seriously, they are the best group EVER.

Peace and love!