From the desk of Shaun


People this day in age have this absurd mindset in thinking they can go anywhere and do anything if they “think positive” or “follow their dreams”. Shonda Rhimes (Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, How To Get Away With Murder) said “That’s a load of crap” and I agree.

I did those exact two things when I returned home from Korea the first time. I foolishly picked up that book The Secret because Steve Harvey mentioned it on his show. Thankfully I bought it used cause I read maybe 12 pages before I sold it. Dave Chappelle said it best: if thinking positive is all it takes, then kill yourself. You won’t tell a starving child in Africa to ‘think positive’ when he’s hungry.

Following your dreams is bullcrap, especially if you lack the capital to back it up. I wasn’t sure what CAPITAL was until I read it in a book. I always thought I didn’t have enough experience in what I do because I thought I had to be at a certain point. Well, I mean I DID have to be at a certain point but I always thought I was never good enough.That kind of mindset in a particular environment is dangerous.

People that say “follow your dreams” are not ambitious. AT ALL. 

It’s great to have a goal in mind but always want more. You’ll NEVER be happy fully with what you have. Chris Rock once said to “always be auditioning”; you never know what’s around the corner.

For people that want to travel to South Korea/Japan/China, I always ask them why. Why do they want to do it. I get the same type of responses:

I want to find myself.
I want to see the world.
I want to do this and that.

Megan Bowen made plans to come to Korea to own a company and work in media. In four years she has done just that. Every day, she’s working on something brand new for her audience. She doesn’t work just for money. She works to build herself. Megan is successful because she has AMBITION.

In order to maintain ambition, you gotta be hungry.

Hungry to improve spiritually, mentally, and physically.

My friend Marzgurl recently started a 30 day work-out challenge. It’s one thing to be a media icon but it means NOTHING if you don’t have the health to maintain it.

Danny Choo went through a rigorous struggle with his Smart Doll business. Today, his customers are seeing the fruits his (and his team’s) labor.


Danny and I cheesing inside of his shop

The ambition I have is why I started Pop Over Asia. I was ambitious to show what South Korea and Japan is REALLY like for young people. I was (and still am) ambitious to ask questions people were afraid to ask; do things people were afraid to do.

Ambition and wanting to get better is all it takes. You just gotta DO IT!


I hope this inspires someone to be AMBITIOUS today! I’d love to hear what you all are doing these days!

Peace and love!