Too many times I hear people give excuses as to why they can’t travel:

I have no money.
I’m too afraid.
I got bills.
What if I get stuck?
I don’t know the language.
I heard [insert group of people] are racist.
North Korea is too close to South Korea! They got nukes!
I can’t teach in [insert Asian country] because they dislike [insert nationality].

This is why you fail.

I can’t sugarcoat it. If you want to do the big things in life, you have to make some sacrifices. All of the successful people you see on television, internet, books, etc. had to make sacrifices to get to where they are. Someone once told me “People like success until they have to work for it“.

The things i’m doing right now didn’t come easy.

It took me six years to get my four year degree. I woke at 5 am to beat traffic. It took me 45 minutes to an hour to get to class. I did this for two years before I got a piece of paper that said i’m “qualified”.

Was I qualified after that? Of course not! Regardless of one’s definition of “qualified”, working at a bank, a small market TV station, and FED EX isn’t exactly the life I had in mind.

Chris Rock said “Always be auditioning” because every place you go, you always have to make an impression.

I made the mistake of thinking that I could do something once and be recognized. I thought I could come back home to the states and make it by following the rules. I followed society norms to a T and ended up living in west Texas for 8 months broke and hungry. I went back to my early 20s without realizing it.

When I release a new video or write a blog post, i’m always making a first impression. My long time viewers/readers know who I am but each and every day, i’ll have someone new that’ll find my stuff.

Everything i’m doing now boiled down to getting over my fears.

When the new year begins, I make sure to write down the improvements I made in the previous year. I also make sure to write down what I need to work on.Communication and listening was on the list. I lacked communication skills because I never listened. My excuse for not listening was as a child, I never got a word in. These days, I keep quiet and let others talk.


Pop Over Asia could not exist if I stayed in the same place.

What you do afterwards is up to you. The main thing is to get out of your comfort zone.

What has kept you from doing what you wanted to do? Have you gone out and faced your “fears”? If not, why? Leave a comment, i’d love to have a discussion with you all.

Peace and love.