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Hey family!

According to this blog (in Korean), Minzy of 2NE1 (Twenty one) decided to not renew her YG contract. The reason(s) are unknown at this time but there’s some speculation.

Minzy’s departure does not come as a surprise.

In the last year, Jessica of Girls Generation and various members of the group EXO went through some issues with their label SM Entertainment. Tsuzu of the group TWICE was thrown under the bus by her label JYP for holding the wrong flag on a TV show (amongst other things that fueled the fire).

Everything 2NE1 has been through over the last two years (ex. Muslims fans pissed a verse from the Qu’ran was used on a song, Park Bom’s drug “scandal”, CL’s solo “attempt” in the United States) has put their comeback on hold.

I wouldn’t put it past Minzy to pretty much say “F**k this s**t”.

What’s going on in the Korean entertainment industry should be a wake up call.

Cognitive dissonance in Korean is out of wack (in fact, it’s out of wack EVERYWHERE in the world). Many Koreans are leaving this country because there’s no room to grow when working for a major corporation. In addition, everyone has to always be on the move, no matter how physically and/or mentally exhausted you are. EunB and Rise of Ladies Code were victims of this in 2014.

Hell Joseon” exists for a VERY good reason.

What does this have to do with Minzy? How is this beneficial for her?

Simple. She’s a beautiful young woman with LOTS of capital.

Minzy was with 2NE1 for seven years.

That’s seven years in the business more than a good majority of her fanbase.

It’s good to be young in this day in age. Minzy probably doesn’t know this yet.

There’s a book I read recently called “So Good They Can’t Ignore You” by Cal Newport. The main thing it focuses on is if one wants to be successful on their own, they have to gain capital. Capital is a fancy word for experience. She was an investment for YG and it paid off well for them. Now that she’s solo, she has enough capital from YG and 2NE1 to do what she wants (while the interest in her is still hot).

What can she do?

Minzy could go solo under her own label. She doesn’t need YG anymore. She can go the route of Jay Park and open her own studio. She can mentor young people that want to be superstars and lift them up. She’s been mentored for years. Now it’s her turn to give back.

She can do paid appearances around the world that’s willing to listen to her story. She could even write a tell all book. Self-publishing is easy these days.

There are a NUMBER of things Minzy can do. She just has to start.

Minzy is an example of how one can work the system.

Minzy’s situation isn’t unique. Many other individuals around the world are starting to realize major companies don’t have their best interests in mind. I worked for two ABC stations in the state of Texas (market #5 and market #163 in the nation). Neither company allowed me to work in post-production. Despite years of experience, I was TOO good. My independent film work and Pop Over Asia would not exist if I didn’t do what Minzy did today.

Minzy knows she’s good. Her name has POWER. Age means nothing if you have enough capital at one of the big three studios in Korea. If you were in limbo for two years and your talent was being held hostage, you’d opt out of signing your life away as well.

If Minzy is willing to build herself up and break the mental hold of what Korean culture is known for, she can be a major success story. All she has to do is start today.

Today is all she has. If she starts tomorrow, then her new career is over before it even began.