The Crucible Of Necessity

A documentary about the Memphis Sanitation Strike of 1968


What A Japanese Adult Star Taught Me About Business Meetings

From a Starbucks in Seoul This morning I woke up with a thought. Rapper G Easy said, "Pay attention, none of this is happening by accident!" When I meet with someone, it isn't by accident. When you meet with someone or connect with them for the first time, something...

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Victim Mentality Gets You Nowhere

From a Starbucks in Seoul From a conversation in Vietnam: White American man: There's a thing called 'white guilt' in the United States. Vietnamese man: Why is that? White American man: Because white people feel bad for having 'white supremacy'. Vietnamese man: Wait,...

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How To Never Back Down

From the goshiwon. Recently, YouTube star Pewdiepie was dropped from Disney for "being a nazi". Labels like "nazi" and "racist" are being thrown around. They've lost their meaning today. Westerners will label anything and everything. I've been labeled many times. It...

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