The Crucible Of Necessity

A documentary about the Memphis Sanitation Strike of 1968


When To Fire Your Friends

From the goshiwon December 2014. I got a text from an old friend. He was getting married in March 2015. He sent me a text asking to be a grooms man. I didn't respond. Two weeks later, he texts me again asking, no, demanding why I didn't respond back. I gave a...

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I made over 8 million smile. Here’s what happened.

From a cafe in Seoul Over the weekend, I became an internet sensation overnight. Around this time in 2007, I said I was going to make a video go viral. At that time, I thought I knew how to do such a thing. Make some so crazy that millions of people will watch and...

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Do It Scared

From the goshiwon Imagine being a singer. You just released your second album. Tonight is your first solo concert. There are at least 60 people in attendance. You were not expecting such a turn out. You sing your songs and get cheers from many different people. Some...

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