The Crucible Of Necessity

A documentary about the Memphis Sanitation Strike of 1968


Why I don’t believe in “white privilege” in Asia

I recently made a video on my thoughts on the concept of "white privilege" in Asia. Honestly, I don't believe in it one bit. Yes, there is an infatuation with things ABOUT whiteness in Asia. At the end of the day, a foreigner is a foreigner, regardless of skin color....

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My Name Is Shaun And I’m Annoying #1: Prologue

I've been meaning to write this for a while.   I've lived a very interesting life since February 2012 but I never talked about it.   "My life isn't all that interesting! No one will read this!"   I had to get myself out that mindset. It was...

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When To Fire Your Friends

From the goshiwon December 2014. I got a text from an old friend. He was getting married in March 2015. He sent me a text asking to be a grooms man. I didn't respond. Two weeks later, he texts me again asking, no, demanding why I didn't respond back. I gave a...

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